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Conservation Agriculture Training

Equipping locals to farm and increase harvests using biblical principals and natural compost without tilling. 
According to the United Nations, it is estimated that up to 811 million people went hungry in 2020. Due to high costs and low affordability, billions lack access to nutritional foods. The UN also projects that these statistics will not improve within the next 10 years, given the current agricultural and economic state of the world.

With so many people hurting with empty stomachs and hearts, how should Christ followers respond?

The ITEC farm training teaches indigenous Christ followers how to increase their harvests and steward the land and resources they have been given in a way that honors God, and opens the door to share the Good News of Jesus with their communities.

Often times farmers in the developing world feel they cannot farm properly or effectively because they lack access to farming equipment, and technology. By learning to implement implementing the keys to conservation agriculture, trainees see how God has already provided everything they need to grow their crops fields.

Trainees get their hands dirty making and turning compost, preparing their fields for the growing season, laying down mulch, and learning how timing and setting high standards impacts their harvests.

They also learn the keys to conservation agriculture: permanent soil cover with mulch or crop residue, minimum soil disturbance, and crop rotation. Debt, stewardship, wise spending, and giving are also taught from a spiritual and practical perspective to inspire trainees to prepare for potential financial challenges and see how they can have financial freedom and show them the reality of challenges that may stand in their way.

We honor God by stewarding the land He has made and the material resources He has placed in our lives. Once equipped with practical skills to increase their harvest, indigenous Christ followers are able to help address the physical and spiritual hunger in their communities. 

ITEC was trained in conservation agriculture techniques by Foundations for Farming.
Watch the preparation of the ITEC test corn plots.

Students are taught to do their work:

On Time

At a High Standard

Without Waste

With Joy

Recent Farming Updates

Teaching believers skills that meet physical and spiritual needs.
We are thankful for the partnership and support of Foundations for Farming in Zimbabwe. They have shared their training and curriculum with us as we have developed our own program using their biblical and conservation agriculture training. This training also contains stewardship training by Crown Financial Ministries. We look forward to seeing how God uses this training to positively impact communities both physically and spiritually.