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The Great Commission

Matthew 28:18-20

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,
  teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.

The Statistics

Barna recently surveyed churchgoers asking if they had heard of the Great Commission:


Responded “No.”

Responded “I'm not sure.”

Responded “Yes, but I can’ recall the exact meaning.”

Responded “I'm not sure.”
According to Barna, “The data indicates that churches are using the phrase less, which may reveal a lack of prioritizing or focusing on the work of the Great Commission, but may also indicate that the phrase, rather than the scriptures or the labor, has simply fallen out of favor with some.”

Statistics from Barna

Why Is It Important?

We believe that both knowing and obeying the Great Commission is important. While not all Christ-followers will be cross-cultural Gospel pioneers, we do all have a supporting role to play through prayer, knowledge gathering, and with our treasure.

Through ITEC’s travels, we have seen a global church responding in obedience to the Great Commission call placed on their lives. The hope of the world is not missionaries from the US going to the ends of the Earth. The hope of the world is Christ, and He is calling all believers to use their gifts, talents, and abilities uniquely in His work.

The most basic explanation of why ITEC exists is to see the Great Commission accomplished. This is a broad vision that applies to churches in the US that are working overseas, Christ followers around the world reaching unreached people groups in their areas, and those who are praying and supporting these efforts. We desire to see the global Church engaged in the Great Commission, however God has uniquely gifted them to participate. 

Where Do I Begin?

Exploring Great Commission participation starts with taking a posture of humility, submission, and personal education. Here are some great resources that can start you on the journey towards understanding the task of the Great Commission.


Learn About the Persecuted Church

There are many great resources to guide you in praying for the nations. Prayer for the persecuted church is a great place to begin in the journey towards Great Commission understanding and participation. Explore the resources by organizations like Open Doors or Voice of the Martyrs to get started.

Global Mission Changes

This book examines the role of the North American church in a mission landscape that is changing rapidly. We are living in a world where the majority world church is sending mature missionaries across cultural lines to advance the Gospel. So what is our role?

Who is a Missionary?

Is everyone a missionary? What is the mission of the church? What is the mission of God? These questions have unknowingly plagued many churches in North America. This book helps us provide clear definitions for these questions from Scripture with the hope that we don’t lose focus on our neighbors or the nations.

The Connection to ITEC

Since our founding, ITEC’s purpose has been to equip indigenous Christ followers for meaningful participation in His Great Commission. Whether you are a part of a church in the US or a Christ follower on the front lines anywhere else in the world, we are excited to come alongside you, listen to your needs, and prayerfully consider how we can work together to equip the indigenous Church.

You may have heard about ITEC because of our founder, Steve Saint. Or maybe you found out about us because of a flying car or other invention designed for frontier areas. While we are involved in many areas, the idea behind the tools we develop, the training we facilitate, and the equipping of indigenous Christ followers for meaningful participation in His Great Commission.

Remembering Mincaye

Visit Remembering Mincaye Page