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Medical Training

Medical Training

Helping Those Without Access to Medical Care While Sharing the Gospel

The World Health Organization highlights a critical global issue: approximately 400 million people worldwide lack access to essential healthcare services. This figure is both alarming and a call to action.

What should our response be to such a dire statistic? In the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 25, Jesus conveys a powerful message to His disciples, emphasizing the importance of caring for the sick as if caring for Him directly. He illustrates that serving "the least of these" is equivalent to serving Him, thereby underscoring the profound connection between acts of service and spiritual devotion.

Recognizing the immense spiritual and physical needs present across the globe, God has equipped us with the means to extend His love through practical actions. This is the foundation upon which ITEC's medical training program stands. Our mission is to empower indigenous followers of Christ with basic healthcare skills, thereby enabling them to address both the physical and spiritual well-being of their communities.

Our program offers a comprehensive week of hands-on training in a classroom environment, covering essential topics such as sanitation and hygiene, vital signs, wound care, basic assistance during childbirth, and emergency response techniques. A key component of the training is the "helping babies breathe" lesson, which teaches simple yet critical skills for ensuring the survival of newborns during delivery.

Wherever feasible, the training incorporates local healthcare professionals as instructors and ongoing resources, enhancing the program's impact and sustainability. Our vision is for ITEC trainees to become trainers themselves, perpetuating a cycle of care and education within their communities. This approach not only addresses physical health needs but also creates opportunities for sharing the transformative message of Jesus through the act of teaching medical skills.

Our commitment is to embody Christ's command to care for those around us, recognizing their needs and responding with His compassionate love. Through the medical training program, we aim to impart the fundamental skills necessary for tending to physical ailments, thereby enabling individuals to both proclaim and demonstrate the love of Jesus in a tangible manner.

Gospel Outreach through Basic Medical Care
ITEC's medical training program is designed to empower local non-health care workers to deliver safe and impactful community health services. In areas lacking medical facilities, individuals equipped to address basic health needs instantly gain a platform to share the inspiration behind their care. By enabling local churches to offer these essential services, we make the love of Christ a tangible experience for those who may be initially reluctant to engage. This approach not only meets immediate health needs but also opens hearts to the Gospel message.


The medical team team trains and equips local Christ followers in a medical curriculum, so they can meet a variety of basic physical needs. This training enables the Indigenous Church to care for people's physical needs long after the training team leaves.

The Goal

The goal of medical training, and every ITEC training, is to train locals to meet a physical need in order to open up a door to share the Gospel. Hurting people need medical care, and helping solve this physical problem can present an opportunity to share Jesus.

Continued Mission

After the training, trainees continue to help the indigenous people with basic medical care. The opportunity for these trainees to share the love of Jesus with people that have both physical and spiritual ailments is immense and continues long after the training team leaves.
We are on the lookout for highly skilled professionals who are open to traveling and collaborating with our team for training purposes. Should this opportunity spark your interest, we warmly invite you to connect with our team for further details.
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What Does a Medical Training Trip Look Like?
Discover this inspiring short video showcasing ITEC's efforts to empower local Christian believers during a short-term mission. Journey with us to the vibrant coasts of South America, where we share a remarkable narrative of divine intervention and empowerment among the indigenous Christian communities in Colombia. This video highlights a recent ITEC training expedition that served as a powerful reminder of God's sovereign hand guiding His work, affirming that He alone orchestrates His plans, beyond our control.

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