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Unique for His Glory

The concept of uniqueness profoundly encapsulates the essence of humanity. Every individual is distinct, with not a single pair of us mirroring each other perfectly. This diversity is a constant among the human race, highlighting that variation is an inherent part of our existence. Yet, despite our differences, we all share a common purpose: to find fulfillment and honor God through embracing and fulfilling our unique callings. This notion of individuality and purpose should deeply inform our approach to missions, recognizing that each person's path to serving and glorifying God is as unique as they are.

When a Minnesota farmer joined Steve Saint in Ecuador to clear an area of thick jungle vegetation for an airstrip, one thing became clear-this was going to be a lot of work! It was also going to require showing the Waodani how to use chainsaws so they could help in the process. As the sun set on each day of chopping trees and clearing the land, there was the inevitable required maintenance to keep the chainsaws running well. So they began teaching the Waodani how to sharpen the chain, how to mix the gas and oil, how tobe skilled in operating the tools they were using.

Isn't this what we all want and need? Someone to show us what to do and how to do it? Someone to disciple us and then someone to disciple in return.

As time in the jungle continued, it became clear there were more areas of mechanical training needed. Reports came back that the outboard motor on the canoe wasn't working, or the generator had malfunctioned and there was no electricity. The Waodani began seeing their own need to know how to operate and maintain all these things.

So the training continued2 and 4 cycle engines, small engine repair, chainsaws, electrical wiring, and so on.

And ITEC's current president, Steve Buer (that farmer from Minnesota), realized that God was able to use his skills and knowledge of mechanics to build up the body of Christ around the world. What an awesome understanding to come to! 

It's been said here at ITEC that all God needs is our "yes." He's looking for willing, obedient hearts and He will use us in the way He's already prepared and created us to be used. He's just so awesome like that!" - Steve Buer

Our Creator God has no shortage of ideas and is not bound by our finite way of thinking. So whether you realize it or not, you have something in common with a farmer, a mechanical and aerospace engineer, a nurse, a doctor, a graphic designer, a dentist, a handyman, a pilot and anyone else that works here at ITEC. Despite all our differences, we all have gifts and skills that God can and wants to use to put His glory on display in whatever context we find ourselves.

Let's be His glory-displayers in our own unique ways today!

For further details on our Mechanical Training program and how you can get involved, please explore our information page HERE.
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