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Rethinking the Impact on Those Left Behind

In this interview from the Global Missions Health Conference, Charlie Vittitow sits down with Jaime Saint to discuss how God showed him that training Christ-followers to extract teeth was a viable path forward. 

Charlie, who is not only a dentist but also a businessman and the missions pastor at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky, found this experience in Jamaica to be a catalyst for reevaluating his approach to missionary work, marking a significant turning point in his journey of faith and service.

Several years ago, during an annual dental relief trip to Jamaica, Charlie Vittitow experienced a profound shift in his understanding of short-term missions. This pivotal journey became a turning point as God moved through the circumstances in Jamaica, facilitating meetings and conversations that led Charlie to reevaluate his approach to short-term missions entirely. This transformative experience challenged his existing beliefs and prompted a deep introspection, guiding him toward a renewed perspective on the impact and methodology of short-term missionary work.

Upon his return, he was inspired by a conversation with Steve Saint, who introduced him to the concept of equipping Christ-followers with practical skills for ministry. Motivated by this insight, Charlie reached out to Kingspride Hammond, a ministry partner in Ghana, to explore collaborative opportunities for putting this vision into action.

Charlie's collaboration with Kingspride was a pivotal moment that led him to embark on his first international mission, focusing on training locals in Ghana to perform dental extractions. This initiative has been remarkably successful, with the Christ-followers in Ghana having treated over 43,000 patients without any incidents. In cases where the local part-time government dentist encounters complex situations, he confidently refers patients to those trained by Charlie's program. Charlie emphasizes the intrinsic link between health and the Gospel, reflecting on how Jesus commissioned his disciples to heal the sick as part of their ministry.

Video from Ghana with Kingspride

Charlie's partnerships have expanded beyond individual efforts, engaging with organizations like ITEC, mPower, and other entities that share his vision. Together, they venture overseas, equipping Christ-followers to address fundamental health needs, thereby laying a foundation for sharing the Gospel. Through these collaborations, Charlie contributes to bringing the Gospel to frontier regions by fulfilling essential needs and continuing Jesus's tradition of healing as a pathway to spiritual outreach.

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You can also watch this video from 2008 where Charlie, Steve, and Mincaye traveled to India to train pastors.
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