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Finding a Solution to Reach Remote Areas in Central Africa

Finding a Solution to Reach Remote Areas in Central Africa

In many areas of the world, transportation is a major hindrance to the spread of the gospel. Rugged mountains, dangerous rivers, and dense rainforest make it difficult to not only reach remote areas, but also to transport equipment such as bibles and medicine. Equipping people with tools and solutions to these issues is at the core of what we do at ITEC. Glen Chapman serves in Central Africa with International Ministries. As the ministry in Central Africa expanded through the years, so did the need for transporting equipment across difficult terrain. Many of the peoples of the area were nomadic. This meant that they often moved between locations, which added an additional complication of not being able to establish set routes to their villages. Glen needed a way to not only reach these nomadic peoples, but also to find them. While at a convention in the US, Glen met Steve Saint who offered to help him find a solution to their transportation needs. ITEC had connections with a company who manufactured powered parachutes and had recently began working with Troy, who had experience in operating them. After months of training, Glen was ready to take this new technology back to the mission field in Central Africa. Join the conversation in this episode of the Mission Minded Podcast as we discuss how Glen partnered with ITEC to find a solution which would enable them to access villages in hard-to-reach areas.