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How Can Digital Media Be Used for the Sake of the Gospel?

Experience María's Story of Redemption and Restoration

So much of the digital world that we live in is expressed through film and media. How might we see this as an opportunity for the sake of the Gospel? Can we use these platforms to bring messages of hope into the world around us and share stories of what He is doing?

Answering these questions is what the I-FILM training is all about. Training local churches to reach their communities through media. This training is for those who want to tell Christ-stories and share inspiration. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million!
Have you ever thought about how many beautiful stories of redemption surround you, and how many go untold? A few years back at ITEC, a thought popped into our heads. What if we train others through the local church to reach the lost in their own culture through digital media and film? This led us to start our I-FILM program. The mission is to empower the local church to share Christ-stories, with both the church and non-believers, in creative ways. Today we are going to share one of the stories that came out of the first I-FILM training in Ecuador. It is simply titled, María. There have been quite a few trainings since that first trip, and by watching María's story you'll see why. Coming from a life of pain and trial, it would be easy to be bitter and worn down. Yet, María's words speak of trust, change, and hope. Be inspired by the faith of this woman who has seen God's redemption firsthand. What a powerful and effective way to spread the Gospel to all the nations!

It was a completely normal day on the equator: a steady, balmy 70 degrees with rain showers peppering the morning. The predictability of Shell, Ecuador weather is comforting. On this particular day, we were done with our daily I-FILM training and chatting on the couch when Andres, a member of ITEC Ecuador, asked if we wanted to go around the corner for some worship and Bible reading to encourage a dear friend of his. Worship in Spanish? Studying the Bible with our fellow believers? We were off the couch in a hurry and excited to meet our new friend.
We arrived at Maria's door excited to encourage this person we had never met, thinking we had so much to offer with our guitar, Bibles, and smiling faces. When we entered her house, we were immediately offered home cooked maduros (my favorite way to eat a plantain, nice and sweet) and a place in Maria's living room. Surrounded by pictures of loved ones, a well cultivated mug collection, and beloved knick knacks, we prayed, sang, and laughed. Then Maria began to speak, and the story that she shared brought us to the feet of Jesus. She passionately explained her troubled past, allowing us to live through her dark years with vivid detail. We all had tears in our eyes as she then explained that even in her slavery, both real and metaphorical, she wasn't lost. God had already begun to weave a story of life and peace, where she only knew darkness and pain. When she finished with words affirming our lives in Christ, and building us up in who God is, we were speechless. How could someone with such a dramatic past be so presently peaceful? Her answer? Jesus, it's all about Jesus. Maria is not a woman you choose to stop listening to. Five minutes with her and you are assured of God's love on a level you never expected. However, we did eventually have to peel ourselves out of our seats and head home. It was on that ride home that we knew we had to come back and share Maria's story with as many people as possible. So, on another balmy, rain-filled day, we headed back to Maria's house to capture her story. It is our honor to share her amazing testament to the love of God with you. Thank you for watching!
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